Nudge Bars

Nudge bars are an essential safety addition for your vehicle. From small mishaps, to wild animal encounters, nude bars ensure that your treasured vehicle stays undamaged. For a fraction of the cost of an OEM alternative, our precisely engineered nudge bars are designed in the best interests of the customer. With superior ASE approved functionality and easy-to-install features at a fraction of the price - Bossco stands behind their product with the utmost confidence.

All of Bossco’s nudge bars are air-bag approved, ASE approved for collision safety standards and ADR approved so you're guaranteed maximum protection.

Our range of nudge bars come in many styles , some even with pre-existing lighting mounts but all of them are made in thick, tough, rust-resistant stainless steel; and most importantly, made to last. Whether you're looking for a high or a low nudge bar, a shiny chrome finish or a smooth powder-coated black- there's surely something for you. Check our range out here!

Bosscoauto has good quality weathershields




For a strong, stealthy, stylish and powerful look. Perfect for rugged 4x4s and Utes.

Bosscoauto has good quality nudge bars Bosscoauto has good quality nudge bars Bosscoauto has good quality nudge bars
Easy to install - a pair of brackets and a few screws, no mechanical background needed
ASE and ADR approved - safe as safe can be
Most of our nudge bars come with lighting mounts - no need to buy mounting brackets



stainless steel - standard nudge bars


stainless steel used by Bossco

Rust Resistance


Corrodes easily when subject to marine environments. Even parking the car near the beach where the salt-water fills the air will cause oxidisation and rust-away the 201 material



Corrosion resistant.

Does not rust or corrode and hence, is more suitable for 4WD usage especially around marine environments


Thickness and Strength




50% thicker to reinforce the impact resistance of our nudge bars. Adheres to Automotive Safety Engineering (ASE) standards


Scratch resistance


Prone to scratching


More scratch resistant


Require drilling and cutting of the vehicle’s parts


Engineered to require minimal cutting and drilling during installation (in most cases, NONE)


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