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Roof Baskets And Cargo Baskets At Unbeatable Prices For Sale In Sydney 

At Bossco Auto in Sydney we have a wide range of durable, affordable and easy-fit roof rack baskets and cargo baskets for sale to allow you to strap your gear to the top of the car while letting your passengers ride comfortably inside. No more lap-bags, smelly, soiled gear in the back and water tanks between legs. Make your car road trip ready with one single move by installing a roof rack basket or a cargo basket.

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We also sell nudge bars, bull bars, roof racks and more, to make sure your car is safer for your off-roading adventures, too.

Increase your carry capacity with a roof rack basket or cargo basket 

When on road trips, there's no getting around that you need to bring a lot of gear. From extra fuel and water tanks for long haul outback adventures, to tents, fishing poles, kayaks, clothes and more for shorter and longer trips. 

Road trips are not only essential to Australian culture, but they are a great way to bond as a family, as a group of friends, or as a couple. But there's no getting around that a car swamped with gear can be frustrating and the root of a lot of quarrels. A cargo basket or roof rack basket is a quick fix to a simple problem. Strap bulky, smelly, and soiled items to your car, and have the cabin be a spacious, dry and smell-free environment. You and your passengers will be thankful for it. 

Carry large sporting equipment with your carry basket 

Kayaks, boats, bikes, motorbikes, skis, and spare tires, a roof rack basket is a versatile car accessory that allows you to personalise your car's carry ability to fit your specific needs. Be adventure ready in minutes with a roof rack. Carry your gear on top of your car instead of behind to allow traversing more rugged landscapes, in pursuit of that mountaintop or white-water river. 

Bossco Auto has a wide range of roof rack baskets and cargo baskets for sale at our Sydney location. Our same large collection is also available for purchase online and can be shipped to you across Australia. 

Order your roof rack basket or cargo basket in Sydney or online today

Do yourself and your passengers a favour and equip your car with a sturdy and durable roof rack. Order yours today or call us on (02)8729 6777 to speak to our friendly staff.

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