Roof Rack Baskets

A roof rack basket is the ideal choice if you need to increase the load capacity of your vehicle. Without one, you’ll be jamming items into your car boot or even carrying them in the passenger compartment, either on the parcel shelf or on or between the seats.

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Increase Capacity and Comfort with a Roof Rack Basket for Sale from Bossco

None of this is ideal, reducing the number of passengers you can carry and making it less comfortable for those you do fit in. So if you do need to carry a lot of items, either for long road trips or big jobs, a roof rack basket is a must.

Obtaining and Fitting Your Aluminium Roof Basket Tray

Getting the best and most appropriate aluminium roof basket tray means you can carry more items on every trip without filling up the interior of your vehicle, so you’ll travel in greater comfort and still have everything you need. But you need to choose carefully to make sure you get the best basket or flat roof tray.

  • Capacity: The size of the roof rack basket you get will depend on the number of times you travel and what you need to carry. Always ensure you get a tray that’s big enough to carry everything you need but, if you’ll only use it infrequently and for small amounts, be wary of getting one that’s too big.
  • Materials: Some boxes are made from thin, poor-quality plastic that will cause excessive noise as it vibrates in the wind. The better ones are made from high-quality ABS plastic that is strong, resistant to damage from rough use and UV resistant, so it won’t fade, crack or become brittle. An even better alternative may be an aluminium roof basket tray that is lightweight but strong and will be more durable than the other alternatives for really heavy loads.
  • Access: The availability of a 4wd roof rack basket tray means you can put items you need to access quickly in the boot and everything else on the roof. However, a basket that opens from both sides will be easier to access than one with only a single opening.
  • Fitting: A tray doesn’t attach directly to the roof of your vehicle but to a roof rack system that needs to be acquired and fitted first. The tray may then be attached by U-bolts that are screwed to the cross pieces or by clamps that grip the roof rack bars. The latter is by far the quickest method to attach and detach the tray, but you need to ensure that the fitting method is compatible with your roof rack and that the tray is attached securely. We also have a wide collection of roof rack gutter mount for your 4x4 vehicle

Create More Space With Roof Carrier Baskets

We all do it. Think we don't need to take so much stuff and we can save on space, then when we get to where we're going we discover we haven't got half the things we actually needed! Roof baskets are not just a "cool" looking accessory for vehicles, they are a necessity.

Everybody thinks we've all got too much stuff these days, but technology has allowed us to do so much more because now we can have the right equipment to do it with. If you are taking your family away and the weather is looking iffy, what would you rather do? Spend the whole time indoors, or pack a load of rain-proof gear and gumboots and have a great time regardless. Having a roof carrier basket attached to your vehicle means you can take everything you need and more, and not compromise on space for your passengers.

Safety and Comfort with a Correctly Fitted Roof Rack Basket

Overloading any vehicle can be a safety hazard, especially if the driver’s view is obstructed by items carried in the passenger cabin. Using a roof rack basket can avoid this but only if it’s fitted securely and correctly. This involves two separate components because the roof rack system has to be correctly installed on your vehicle and then the basket or tray must be properly attached to it.

With so many different models and varieties of roof baskets to choose from, we are sure that everyone that needs quality tradies roof racks will be able to find something to suit their needs. At Bossco we source high quality products and offer low-cost solutions.

Addition to our universal roof rack baskets, we can help you choose the best roof racks or roof basket tray for your vehicle, taking into account how you intend to use it. We also provide a professional fitting service so you can be sure the roof rack system and tray are both safe to use. You can be sure, however, that all our 4wd parts in Australia are of the highest quality and suitable for the job, and that our customer service is second to none.

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