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Get Your Car Outback-Ready With Our Versatile Roof Racks For Sale In Sydney 

Increase storage capacity, free up cabin space and transport large items with ease with a roof rack for vans. 

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Bossco Auto has a wide variety of durable roof racks for sale made from high-quality materials to allow you to store clunky, oversized and odorous items on top of your van instead of inside it. Say goodbye to squished legs and bags in laps. Let your passengers travel in comfort so that their attention can be focused on the sights, not their seats.


Free up space with a roof rack 

Road trips are a great way for families, friends or couples to grow closer, and it's a great way to explore more of the gorgeous Australian landscape. However, there's no denying a cluttered car filled with bulky items such as water tanks, and smelly and soiled gear can put a dent in any road tripping adventure. Not only that, but necessary gear for longer outback hauls such as gas tanks can let off dangerous fumes in the cabin of your car. 

The versatility of a van roof rack 

A roof rack is not a one-solution-fits-all van accessory. You can further customise your roof rack with additional accessories, from mounting extra lights for increased visibility for dark backgrounds, or spare tyre carriers, bike racks, kayak racks and more, you can bring whatever your trip requires with less hassle. Our roof racks are made for outdoors people, by outdoors people. 

Our van roof racks are also perfect for tradies looking to upgrade their vehicles and add more storage space. Strong, Durable and practical, they are a great and cheaper alternative than purchasing a larger van. Mount your tools, ladders, equipment with ease and safely transport them from job to job. 

For off-road adventures we also sell safety nudge bars and bull bars, that keep you safe while looking great. 

Buy your van roof rack online or in our Sydney shop today 

Do you have a trip planned, and you want to ensure that your cabin won't be stuffed with gear? Are you going white water rafting and want a safe and easy way to transport your kayaks? Order one of our affordable van roof racks today that can be fitted onto most vans, have it installed and be ready for your adventure in no time. Order your roof rack online or in shop today. Call us on (02)8729 6777 to speak to our friendly staff, or fill in our online enquiry form.

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