Roof Bars in Australia

Check out our collection of roof rack online if you're going on a long road trip or equipping yourself for a big job may mean you need to load your vehicle with a lot of gear. If that’s more than the capacity of your car’s boot or your truck’s load bed area, you’ll need to find extra space somehow.

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Roof Bars in Australia — the Answer to your Load Capacity Issues

The simplest and cheapest answer is often to fit roof bars that can significantly increase your vehicle’s load capacity. roof bars are the basis for this extra capacity since they allow roof rack basket, roof basket trays and various items you want to carry to be fixed directly to them. They allow you to release space in your boot, on the seats and anywhere else you’d otherwise have to use to store your equipment.

Getting the Correct Roof Rack Online in Australia

When choosing roof rack online, you need to take into account various factors:

  • What you plan to carry and how you intend to attach it to the roof rack rails. This will determine the type of roof bars that is most suitable.
  • How often you’ll use the roof rack bars. If this is infrequently, you may want to remove them when they’re not in use so they’re less exposed to the elements and you don’t carry unnecessary weight. In this case, choose a model that is easy and quick to detach and reattach.
  • The way the rack will be fitted to your vehicle, which will depend on the vehicle’s features. Some vehicles have raised roof rails with space between them and the roof while others have flush-mounted versions. Some have T-tracks — slots running the full length of the roof — or may have fixed mounting points or nothing at all. This will determine the type of roof racks that are suitable, such as those that clamp to the roof when there is nothing else to fix to.
  • The weight limit of the roof rack bars for sale and for your vehicle also. Load ratings are available for all the racks we supply while your vehicle’s owner’s manual will give details for your vehicle and help to prevent over-loading.
  • The materials and aerodynamics of the roof rack for sale. Most modern racks are made from lightweight aluminium and have an aerodynamic shape. The former limits the additional weight for the vehicle while the latter reduces the amount of drag when driving and makes your driving experience much quieter. Combined, these will reduce any additional fuel consumption caused by the bars although this will be negligible when you’re not carrying a load.

The Roof Rack Rails for Sale to Meet your Exact Needs

With a wide range of 4wd parts in Australia are available, we’ll have the right roof rack online for you. Simply choose one for the make and model of your vehicle, ensuring it has the load rating and fitting method you need. If you have any doubts, get in touch and we’ll be pleased to advise you because we want you to obtain the perfect rack.

Fitting the rack is generally a simple procedure but, if done incorrectly, can damage your vehicle and lead to safety issues. Use our professional service to ensure your rack is installed correctly so you can be confident it will carry your loads securely and safely.

We always want you to buy products that will give complete satisfaction for a long time. So all our roof rack rails including tradie roof rack, Mitsubishi Triton roof rack, and Ford Ranger roof rack are of the highest quality and are backed up by our excellent customer service.

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