Bull Bars

High-Quality Steel Bull Bars For Sale In Sydney and Online

Bull bar, push bar, cattle pusher, nudge bar, roof racks, roof baskets, moose bumper, and roo bar, the protective device installed on the front of cars has many names. Bull bars look great and helps protect your car and those in it in a collision.

For high quality steel bull bars and an unbeatable range of other accessories available through Bossco Auto in Sydney, you can customise your car to a tee without breaking the bank. 

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Sydney's trusted car shop for sale and installation of bull bars

With many years in the auto industry, we've developed a hard-won reputation of integrity, quality products, great customer service and unbeatable prices. Now the trusted car shop in Sydney we acquire the best products, deliver them on time, and help you install them on your vehicle. Our passion for excellence in customer service and the products we deliver allows us to provide great customer experiences every day. 

Why should I fit my car with a bull bar? 

A bulbar is basically the padding a sportsperson wears, it keeps you safe on impact. The front of your car is surprisingly fragile, which can often be seen at crash sites along the road, where a car or more are left totalled. 

Not only is a fragile frontend dangerous for more serious accidents, but it is also frustratingly costly for smaller crashes where damages could almost entirely have been avoided by a steel bullbar. 

Whether you drive your car in the outback and want protection from kangaroos and wombats, or you simply want an extra security measure for city driving in Sydney or elsewhere that also looks great, you should consider a bull bar.

Bull bars for all cars 

We carry a wide range of steel bullbars for many makes and models. Whether you want a discreet bulbar for safety reasons, or a large one for the safety and a visual upgrade to your car, Bossco Auto has what you're looking for. Whether you've got a Ford, Holden, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi Nissan, Jeep, Volkswagen or Toyota, our bull bars are easily fitted onto your vehicle and stands the test of time. 

Order your Bull bar today 

Order your bulbar today, or contact us on (02)8729 6777  to speak to a friendly consultant about any questions you may have. 

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