Mitsubishi Triton Roof Racks

There’s no doubt about it, having a Triton roof rack is going to solve your vehicle’s internal space problems. Whether you need room for more people or more kit, moving some of your luggage to the roof is the most sensible, easiest, and cost-effective way of creating that extra space. Bossco 4x4 has a range of roof racks for Triton; they are all well-made and offered at affordable prices.

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No Better Place to Buy Your Triton Roof Rack or Rails in Australia

With manufacturers now fitting roof rack anchoring points as a standard, fitting your kit is easy and quick to do yourself. There’s no drilling or cutting required but if you feel you do need a hand, you can give us a call and we’ll talk you through it. We can even do it for you if required.

Are These Roof Racks For Triton Well Made?

You bet they are! We’ve selected models that have a robust 75kg load capacity. The heavy-duty option can secure 85kg capacity. Obviously, they are anchored to the structure of the vehicle, which is what gives them the strength to hold your kit in place. The anchoring kits are made of top-quality steel components and the racks and rails themselves are made from black powder-coated aluminium. Our product range covers all Mitsubishi Triton roof racks models from 2015. A real good-looking accessory that blends in nicely when the rack or rail is not being used to carry your extra kit.

Buy Tritan Roof Racks - The Great Bossco 4x4 Service

Here at Bossco 4x4, we pride ourselves on several essential service elements including tradie roof racks and roof rack baskets. If you go ahead and purchase a Mitsubishi Triton roof rack or set of rails, you can be assured that you’re getting great value for money, usually because we are cutting out the middleman and have sourced the kit sensibly. Then once on our system, your order will be fulfilled quickly, especially on our stocked items. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all your 4x4 vehicle accessories, and we know that to do this, we must give you the best available service in Australia. This is our aim and one of the main reasons we decided to offer a fitment service on all our products such as roof basket tray. We’ve even committed to building a mobile installation service. It’s really flourishing in Sydney but will soon be fully interstate.

Order Your Triton Roof Rack for Sale in Australia!

With the Bossco 4x4 prices being as competitive as they are, getting a Triton roof rack is something you don’t need to think too hard about. Once fitted, it’s always there ready to use for those extra bits you need to take with you. Although not expensive as an outright purchase, we also offer the afterpay facility if you feel you need it with 4 interest-free payments. Call our hotline now on (02) 8729 6777 or if you prefer, email us at We’ll get your order underway and can arrange fitting if you need it. We want you to be happy with your purchase, so talk to us if you have anything that needs explaining further.

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