Installation Guides

Welcome to the BosscoAuto Installation Guide Pages

In the following pages below; you will find all the necessary documentation and help to install your BosscoAuto products. Embedded inside are videos and/or PDF files which are a good reference 


Things to know before installing

Prior to installation, please read the provided instruction manual or fitting diagram to figure out what tools you need and keep them at hand. This speeds up the installation process tremendously as you are not constantly searching for tools and have everything at the ready, so you can read the instructions and knock out the installations with minimal hassle.

Never tighten something fully in one go; this may cause issues later on. Especially with nudge bars and side steps; loosely tighten the bolts first and get everything in place. Once fitment seems good; torque everything down simultaneously. 


Installation Guide Catalog

Please click on one of the images below to be redirected to the page with all the installation assistance regarding the selected accessory.