Hilux Canopy for Sale in Australia

Getting a canopy for your vehicle will be incredibly beneficial. Not only will it help you add a greater level of security by protecting your gear in the back of your truck, but it also helps keep your materials organised. If you drive offroad often - perhaps working remotely, or for recreation, a Toyota Hilux canopy will improve your quality of life. Forget worrying about whether or not your items are sufficiently strapped down in the open. Enclosing them in a secure canopy will save you the hassle.

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Features of The Toyota Hilux Canopy

With an aluminium alloy frame and a heavy duty black powder coat, you’ll have a robust and durable frame attached to your vehicle. The alloy reduces the overall weight of the structure so that you aren’t driving with an unwieldy excess. Reduced weight is important - and often overlooked in some other canopies. Should you drive over uneven ground, or encounter particularly soft mud, the lower overall weight reduces the risk of 1) getting bogged down, and 2) Being over GVM

The design is heavily focused on function, but still looks good! Instead of adding in easily broken - but difficult to replace - windows, we’ve opted for a windowless canopy. Not only will your stuff be safe from nosy folk, but you’ll also be able to pack in even more stuff without worrying about it dinging glass.

When looking for a Hilux canopy for sale, keep in mind that driving offroad and loading/unloading equipment can lead to minor dents and damage. With Bossco Auto you’ll get a completely modular unit that allows you to easily replace worn-out/damaged sections without the need to replace the whole unit. 

Our Hilux N70 canopy kit comes with all you need for weatherproofing your canopy. And to ensure your materials and vehicle stay protected from weather-related damage, we recommend you have an expert take care of the installation for you. 

Other features you can benefit from include a dual locking system - a failsafe in case one lock comes undone on a particularly rough road, you’ll have a second lock protecting your gear. LED lights to help you access the canopy while out in the remote environment will come in very handy and 6(!) keys - including spares (just in case).

Buying Toyota Hilux Canopy with Bossco Auto

There are a fair few options when looking for a Toyota Hilux canopy for sale. Premium features and materials are a top priority, but great customer service and aftercare are just as important. We value our customers and make sure we deliver exceptional customer care at every opportunity.

We offer a 12-month warranty on our products. Sometimes products just don’t live up to our incredibly high standards. If you experience this, please let us know and we’ll resolve the issue professionally and efficiently.

After purchasing your canopy for Toyota Hilux you can book in with one of our installation experts. This ensures your canopy is installed correctly and safely. Installing without a professional’s help may lead to improper alignment or an imbalance in the structure. If you would like to book your installation, please call us for a date. A service quote will be provided at this time.

You can collect your Hilux N70 canopy for free at Unit 1/12 Bernera Rd Prestons NSW 2170 (BP Petrol Station Complex) or we can ship your canopy to you (shipping charges apply).

Get Your Hilux Canopy Today

Nobody wants to spend extra time organising equipment or looking for lost items, so by attaching an aluminium canopy to your Toyota Hilux you can do all the organising when you pack it, saving you time to enjoy yourself when you arrive at your destination.

Looking for A Toyota Hilux Canopy for Sale?

For great value and premium quality, order your canopy with Bossco Auto. To find the right canopy for you, please check out our Toyota Hilux canopies today as we stock top-of-the-line Toyota Hilux canopies to enhance your vehicle's storage capacity and protect your gear from the elements? Look no further than our selection of high-quality ute canopies for sale in NSW! Our range includes a variety of hard lids for utes, including the GWM Cannon hard lid and the Next Gen Ranger hard lid, all designed to provide maximum protection and durability for your vehicle. A Hilux canopy not only keeps everything in it's place but will also protect it from the weather. Let's face it, it's no fun to have to put up a soaking-wet tent after an unexpected downpour. And with a Toyota Hilux aluminium canopy you don't have to worry about eager eyes and thieving hands either!

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