Ute Roller Covers, Tonneau Covers and Roller Shutters

A ute is so named because it’s a true utility vehicle. You would definitely need ute roller covers for your vehichle in order to use it for work and recreational purposes, carrying loads that include construction equipment, sports gear, products and anything else that will fit in the load bed.

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Utes Roller Covers To Protect Your Loads

Because of the variable nature of the loads, you need to keep them secure and provide protection against the weather. The way to do this is to fit a ute roller cover that will ensure everything has all the protection you need.

Fully Effective Roll Top Ute Lid

A roll top ute lid has to protect your load bed contents against harsh weather conditions as well as provide protection against thieves. Every ute roller cover for sale on our website will provide both types of protection by:

  • fitting securely to your vehicle with no gaps so that water cannot penetrate and having an effective water management system that will drain excess water away even in the most severe of storms
  • being lockable in a variety of positions to accommodate different loads and keep them safe and secure
  • having interlocking roller panels that cannot be easily cut or separated.

Every roll top ute lid that we sell, in common with all our other products, is well made from high-quality materials and is built to last even in harsh Australian conditions. Most covers are made from aluminium that is immensely strong yet will add little extra weight to your vehicle due to the lightness of the material. Powder coating provides extra durability and is UV resistant so it will not fade even when exposed to harsh sunlight for long periods.

Ute roller covers in Australia are available for a variety of vehicle makes and models and have manual and electric versions so you can ensure a perfect fit and choose the one that works exactly as you want it to do. Most are compatible with fitted sports bars rack, ladder racks, cross bars and various other accessories including tailgate protector so they won’t compromise the way you use your vehicle. Our roller covers for utes also roll away into a small space when closed and so don’t reduce the usable load space.

Ute Roller Tonneau Cover - Designed for Peace of Mind

Would you leave the keys in the ignition? Would you leave your doors wide open without any supervision at all?

Probably not.

Basic safety measures keep your utility vehicle safe and protected. And the roller tonneau cover enhances that protection - by securing the open bay in the back.

Each of our ute roller covers is designed with a focus on durability, strength, and ease of use. And while you could watch endless hours of YouTube tutorials, learning how to complete the installation - you could save time and hassle by having one of our experts do all the hard work for you. You can book your professional fitting with the purchase of your roller cover with Bossco Auto (leading vehicle accessories supplier).

Which Roller Tonneau Cover Is the Best?

With Bossco Auto, you can choose from 2 different types of ute roller covers. The best one for you will depend on how you want to use it and what your budget is.

Manual Covers: Most of these covers come with a single handle in the middle of the roller making opening and closing a breeze! Some models can be secured in several positions - so you can open part of the way without exposing the whole tonneau to the elements. 

Manual covers are the way to go if you want high-quality workmanship securing your vehicle but don’t need the added convenience brought by electric models. They’re easy to use, waterproof, and can be locked by a key.

Whether you need a standard size, or wide fitting to accommodate a sports bar/other attachments you’ll find a product that suits all your needs right here. 

Electric Covers: If you’re adding a roll top ute lid to your vehicle - why not make it electric? With the touch of a button, you can open and close your roller tonneau cover. This is an excellent choice if you regularly have your hands full - for example, carrying your work tools from A to B. Instead of scrambling to free up a hand to manually pull the cover to the locking position, you can juggle it all AND stay secure.

These covers can be controlled by an app on your phone (compatible with iPhone and Android). You can even see a real-time view of whether your roller cover is in the open or closed position. Additionally, you can also stop the cover in the middle, allowing you access to the space, without exposing all of your cargo to the weather.

Need a sports bar rack? No problem! Bossco Auto offers a fully compatible sports bars including Hilux sports bar that fits with widened side tracks on the tonneau cover. And if you want to kit out your vehicle to the max, you’ll love the 2 side tracks. With side tracks, you can add roof racks, bike carriers, ski carriers, and we also offer different brands of canopies including GWM cannon canopy, N70 Hilux canopy, and Amarok canopy for sale.

Ute Roller Covers For Sale: Stress-free Installation and Great Customer Service

Installation of ute roller covers are straightforward due to a clamping system that requires no drilling and can generally be completed within a couple of hours even for electric models. However, we recommend a professional installation to ensure a snug fit and complete weatherproofing. We can quote the cost of this when you place your order.

The quality and durability of our 4wd Parts in Australia are demonstrated by a two-year warranty that takes away any worries about future performance. And if you’re uncertain about what you need, we can provide all the advice and help you require to enable you to make the correct choice.

We aim to provide effective, innovative and affordable solutions for all your needs. So our customer service doesn’t end with the sale and you can rely on us to support you throughout the life of your cover and anything else you buy including Mitsubishi Triton bull bar, Isuzu Dmax bull bar, and Ford Ranger bull bar. That means you can be certain the cover you purchase will do the job you want.

Need a Good, Reliable Ute Covers for Your Vehicle?

If you need a good, reliable ute covers, Bossco has you covered. We offer a range of ute tonneau covers that are suitable for a range of vehicles including most models of the Holden Captiva series, Mitsubishi Challenger, Nissan X Trail and the Toyota Kluger. Made from high-quality materials, they’ll protect your tools, equipment and other items stored in the back of your Ute or pick-up from prying eyes and the weather.

Our own brand vinyl roll-up style ute covers are the ideal solution for a cost-effective cover-up for the bed of your Ute and have been designed to give you all the functionality and protection you need at a very cost-effective price.

Installing a ute cover in Australia whether you're after Next Gen Ranger roller shutter or a Isuzu D Max roller shutter, is a great way to keep prying eyes from seeing what you’re carrying. Whether that’s tools for your job, equipment, or other random items that you’d rather people didn’t see, a Ute roller shutter has got you covered! As the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind”. Plus, a cover will make your Ute look more streamlined.

Why Our Ute Tonneau Covers are a Great Idea

For starters, Australian law says you must cover unsecured items in the back of your Ute and one way to do that is with a ute tonneau covers.

You’ll find that there is a multitude of tonneau covers for ute on the market but when it comes down to it, what you really need is a cover that’s practical, functional, secure, and reliable. If it’s stylish too, that’s a big bonus but it’s not really a necessity.

We all know that the weather here in Aus can be unpredictable, so it makes sense to have one handy to ensure that your load stays protected. Plus, did you know that you’re likely to use less fuel if you have ute covers in place as it reduces the amount of air drag on your vehicle by up to 10%. And with the price of fuel rising, any small saving we can make is a bonus, right?

Get Our Easy to Install Ute Covers in Australia

Our ute tonneau covers are easy to install. There’s no drilling or cutting required. However, if you do need some help installing your cover, give us a call and our technical team will be happy to help. Just like all our products such as window sunshades, 4wd spotlights, and roof basket trays, they’ve been designed and developed by 4x4 enthusiasts who love nothing better than hitting the bush on weekends. But we also know that sometimes you just need your Ute to be a practical workhorse and we like to give you what you need. Every 4wd parts in Australia we make has been tested out by us, so we know that it works, it lasts and that it’s great value for money!

Order Your Ute Tonneau Covers Online or By Phone

Our tonneau covers are made to order and can be ordered either online or by phone. We ship our Ute covers Australia wide or you can collect your order from Unit 1/12 Bernera Rd Prestons NSW2170 right by the BP petrol station complex.

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