Triton Bull Bars

If you’re looking to improve your Triton’s spec by adding Triton bull bars but want to cut out the middleman, then Bossco 4x4 is the Aus-wide outfit to choose. Not only will you find the kit meets your quality expectations, but the affordable price will please you too.

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Triton Bull Bars: Simply the Best Place to Buy in Australia

With Bossco 4x4 you’ll find vehicle accessories and we do understand what you need because we love 4x4s too! We’re constantly bush bashing, and testing kit to the extreme and when we find gear that performs well at the right price, we add it for sale online. This approach has helped us identify that the bull bar for Mitsubishi Triton we offer are a great deal for you and a winning line for us too. We offer a large range of high-quality products at affordable prices including Navara bull bar and 4wd spotlights, along with excellent post-sales customer service and installation. If you need a bull bar for Mitsubishi Triton, we’re the best option you have.

Why Get a Mitsubishi Triton Bull Bar?

Considering investing in a bull bar for a Mitsubishi Triton? There are plenty of reasons why bull bars are recommended and can prove very useful for you.

  • Protection from animal collision: One of the biggest and most unpredictable hazards when you’re out driving is wild animals. You rarely see them coming, and the big ones can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle if you hit them as they suddenly jump out into the road. In Australia, kangaroos pose a large risk to drivers, which is why bull bars are also called roo bars. These bars protect your vehicle in case this ever happens to you, preventing the front of your vehicle from becoming damaged if you hit an animal.
  • Protection for off-road driving: Driving off-road means driving in an environment full of items that can cause damage to your vehicle. Stones, rocks and sticks can get caught in the bodywork or engine of your vehicle, but this can be prevented with a bull bar. You don’t have to keep driving especially slowly and carefully and you can potentially save a lot of money on possible repairs you might have needed without your bar.
  • A base for more accessories: With a bar, you can continue to add more accessories and build your vehicle into your dream ride. A bull bar makes the perfect base for CB Radios, Radios, UHF radio, LED lights and more, which enhance your driving experience and increase the value of your vehicle.
  • Increased value: Our Mitsubishi Triton bull bars protect your vehicle from harm, which keeps it in better condition. But accessories don’t only prevent value from being detracted from a vehicle, they can also increase the value. Resellers and those touching up their 4x4 can add a bull bar to increase the value of their vehicle in a simple and affordable way.

Do you Want to Buy Bull Bar for Mitsubishi Triton?

At Bossco 4x4, we don’t just flog it to you and leave you to it. We know some of you will need help. Fitting yourself can be great fun and very satisfying but we have a great aftersales support team ready for your call, should you need help. Jumping on the phone can save you hours of head scratching, so give the team a call if you need us.

If fitting your Triton bull bars is something you simply don’t know how to do, then we offer a fitment service too, which is expanding rapidly to a mobile, ‘we visit you service’ to cover customers interstate. Give us a call and find out just how quickly we can sort this for you. We pride ourselves in offering our wide range of products from 4x4 roof rack gutter mounts to Ute roller covers and we hold a good market position in that we are large enough to carry healthy stock levels, but also small enough to care about our customers and their satisfaction with what we offer and do for them. We know that 4WD adventures bring excitement and fun to so many and we want to increase that accessibility to even more people.

Mitsubishi Triton Bull Bars - Quality Kit at Affordable Prices

Bull bars for Mitsubishi Triton are available for the 2006 model right through to 2019. Made from 63mm steel top tube, they are Enduracoat finished and robotically welded. The kit comes complete with LED light bars, indicators, and 4wd spotlights, it’s winch compatible, got lower bash plates and mounting tabs for the aerial and lights. There is no doubt that these are special looking fittings that will increase your vehicle’s value and protect those essential elements when you’re pushing to the limits. We know we’re not the only place you’ll see Triton bull bars for sale online but we reckon you won’t see any better than ours at the price we offer.

Order Your Mitsubishi Triton Bull Bar Now

If this is a job you can handle yourself, then get on to us right away. Remember, you can always select afterpay if you feel you need it, which gives you 4 interest-free payments. It really is that simple. On the other hand, if you would rather have our team complete the job for you, the first step is to give us a call on (02) 8729 6777 or email us at to get things moving. Even if you just want to chat about your options, please get in touch.

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