Sunshades for Cars

If you are on the lookout for some sunshades for car, we’ve got a great range here at Bossco 4x4. We only stock superior quality auto parts and vehicle accessories but you’ll be surprised how well we keep the cost down to sensible levels. We do this by cutting out middlemen and going direct for our stock suppliers. We also think our success is partly due to the enthusiasm of our team.

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Great Range of Sunshades for Car Windows

We’re all off-roaders ourselves and we constantly test the kit including sunshades car, we offer. This way, we know how it performs before it goes up for sale. It’s a principle that’s served us well and helped bring about tremendous company growth. We know everything we sell must be of the quality to appeal, priced to sell and come with a support package that sees the customer right through to satisfaction.

The Quality and Benefits of Sun shade for Car Windows

Most of Bossco’s sun shade for car offer a no-brackets magnetic mounting, which makes them easy to fit. Once in place, they look good and perform to a high standard as a sunscreen and anti-glare function. All sunshades for car windows have been tested for UVA and UVB protection and perform a 70% filter reduction. This protection can be improved by pairing the sunshades with tinted windows. It must be remembered however that the screening is NOT a complete solution and care should still be taken to limit any continuous ultraviolet exposure. Once in place, windows can still be used while stationary, with a recommended limit of no further than halfway down.

Get Magnetic Car Window Shades in Australia - We’re Happy to Help

To help our customers who decide to maybe DIY the fitting of an accessory, we have a back-up commitment, with guys ready to help you, no matter what head-scratching situation you find yourself in. We’re not into ‘sell it and forget it’. We want to be your one-stop-shop for all your vehicle accessories and improvements. So, if you have something that’s giving you a headache, whether if its related to nudge bar Brisbane, roof rack gutter mount or ute covers, just get in touch. You can call us on (02) 8729 6777 or email We’ll be only too happy to help you out. Although these magnetic car window shades are easy to fit yourself, we can do it for you. If this is something you would prefer us to arrange, then give us a call. We know that not everybody is a DIYer and some people just don’t want the hassle.

Window Sun Shades - Ultimate Protection and Comfort

When it comes to shielding your car from the scorching sun and ensuring the safety of your little ones, window sunshades are an absolute necessity. Finding shaded parking spots is not always feasible, but worry not! We have the perfect solution that combines UVA and UVB protection with refreshing airflow, specifically designed to safeguard babies and young children.

Discover a diverse range of window sun shades on our website, meticulously crafted to fit various car models. Whether you opt for self-installation or prefer our professional assistance, your future journeys will be significantly more comfortable, even when the windows are rolled down.

Uncompromising UVA & UVB Protection for Your Loved Ones

Our window sun shades for cars effectively blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays while allowing the circulation of fresh air. We understand the paramount importance of shielding delicate baby skin from the sun's detrimental effects. While windshields are treated to mitigate UVA exposure for drivers, other vehicle windows often lack such protective measures.

Our car sun shades enhance the overall journey experience. With the sun's rays growing stronger, the risk of skin cancer is an increasing concern. By installing our sun shades, you ensure the safety and comfort of your loved ones during every adventure.

Get Your Sunshades Car Comfort Today!

Getting protection from the sun’s intensity is probably something you don’t have to think too hard about. You know it makes sense, especially for those little ones in the back. If you’re ready to go ahead with our sunshades car, you can add to your cart and get the order underway. If you have any questions or queries or maybe you just want to check out that the kit is going to fit your vehicle, then give us a quick call or email. Don’t forget that you can also use the afterpay facility too if you feel you need it. Spread the cost over 4 payments at no extra cost. It’s interest free.

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