Nudge Bars

Nudge Bars At Great Prices For Sale At Sydney's Preferred Auto Shop

If you’ve driven past a car crash site, you’ve seen how much damage a car can take from even a low-impact crash. Even more is that the case if you take your car off-roading into the rugged Australian outback or bushlands, where the car can take lots of damage that could’ve been avoided with a nudge bar installed.

The little brother of the bull bar, the nudge bar is quickly installed and is a valuable and important investment in both safety and money. If you want to make a statement on the road while knowing you are safer, the nudge bar is for you. 

Bossco Auto sells a wide range of nudge bars suitable for a number of car makes and models. We can help you install the nudge bar at our Sydney shop, or you can have it delivered anywhere in Australia. 

We also stock a wide range of other car accessories. If you need a roof rack, a roof basket or more, we’ve got you sorted. 

Nudge bars in many different models and colours 

We sell nudge bars in many different sizes, colours and finishes to make sure that your nudge bar looks great on your vehicle. Whether your car has a matte front finish and want a powder coated matte nudge bar to match, or you want a polished steel nudge bar to contrast your shiny black paint job, we have the nudge bars for you. 

Nudge bar installation 

If you want to make sure your nudge bar is fitted correctly, you can count on us. We can help you fit your car with a nudge bar at our Sydney office at a great price. Give us a ring on (02)8729 6777 to enquire about our installation prices. 

Order your nudge bar today 

If you want to make your car safer for both off-roading and city cruising while turning heads wherever you go, then you should consider the nudge bar for your care. With many different sizes and models finishes and metals, we can help you customise your nudge bar to suit your car’s colouring, make and model. Whether you have a Jeep, a Honda, a Ford or a Mazda, we’ve got the nudge bar to match. Stay safe, look great, invest in a nudge bar. Contact us today on (02)8729 6777 or fill in our online contact form.




SKU: 9803-10646TRITONMQ

Black Nudge Bar Suitable for Mitsubishi Triton 2015-2018


SKU: 9846-9804HILUX

Low Nudge Bar suitable for Toyota Hilux 2015-2018


SKU: 10148-9793

Satin Black Nudge Bar w/ Skid Plate (Stone Guard)


SKU: 98039793-2582

BLACK LOW Nudge Bar suitable for Ford Ranger PX 2012-2015


SKU: 9803-9793MZBT

BLACK LOW Nudge Bar suitable for Mazda BT-50 2012-2018



Black Low Nudge bar suitable for Mitsubishi Challenger 2008-2015



Black Low Nudge bar suitable for Mitsubishi Challenger 2010-2015


SKU: 9803-9574

Black Low Nudge bar suitable for Nissan


SKU: 9803-9573AMAROK

Black Low Nudge bar suitable for Volkswagen Amarok 2010-2018


SKU: 101489793-3100

Black Nudge Bar (With Skid Plate) Suitable for Ford Everest


SKU: 9803-EB9793

Black Nudge Bar suitable for Ford Everest 2015-2018


SKU: 101489793-2833

Black Nudge Bar Suitable for Ford Ranger PX MKII 2015-2018