Cargo/Tray Liners


Cargo liners are designed to protect the boot of your car from spills and damage. From heavy boxes, sharp objects and messy groceries, cargo liners provide that extra peace of mind. Unlike the factory design of most vehicles which have non-water resistant boots, cargo liners act as water-resistant shields which catch spills and make clean-up easy, with no chance of lasting-stains and damage to your car.

They are contoured to fit and grip to your boot to make sure your boot still carries the same functionality and capacity as before. Our cargo liners are made of premium quality materials and are manufactured with laser precision to ensure a textured finish which is useful in providing extra grip.

Bosscoauto has good quality cargo liners

Thick, high quality plastic

Made to hold anything and everything

Bosscoauto has good quality cargo liners Bosscoauto has good quality cargo liners Bosscoauto has good quality cargo liners
Bossco cargo liners are thick and highly impact resistant, they won't dent, tear or deform like cheaper and less durable alternatives
3D Cargo liners with a high lip - able to hold smaller items and spills much better than cheaper counterparts

Bossco Rubberised compact cargo liners can be stored away easily like a rug. But they still keep their shape after!

A bit more on our cargo liners and why they're different from our competitors who offer liners.

Cheaper cargo liners are made of foam and cardboard-based plastic which have low impact resistance so they conform to the weight’s shape rather than holding their own shape. This means they have lower durability and are more prone to dents and tearing. We use higher quality rubberised plastic which has the grip, soft feel and flexibility of rubber while it also has the strength of strong plastic.

Cheaper protector trays are 2D and don't stop large spills. They are made with lower-quality foam and cardboard based materials which do not maintain their shape and structure whereas Bossco uses injection-moulded rubberised polymer-plastic which holds its shape and strength to make sure it lasts.


Foam &

Plastic-based cardboard

Rubber &

Rubber-infused plastic used by Bossco


Items are subject to sliding across the boot and the tray/liner itself will shift out of place easily


Textured finish provides strong grip which keeps items in place and the tray/liner will not shift about unnecessarily


Scratch & Indent resistance


Highly prone to indentations and scratches/marks. Thinner varieties of PBC are easily pierced leaving holes in the tray/liner itself


Scratch-proof and does not indent as the materials are highly mouldable


Tear resistance


Plastic-based cardboard varieties tear like cardboard. Edges are easily torn and shredded


Almost impossible to tear


Stain resistance


Foam and PU leather varieties retain some stains and will show wear over time; especially shredding


Entirely stain resistant and waterproof


Does not fold easily and hence cannot be stored away


Rubber varieties can be rolled easily like a rug for easy stowing whilst rubber-infused plastic varieties return to original shape easily with folding


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