Weathershields are an integral p

Weathershields are a must-have item for every car. They allow you to open your windows and let in fresh air while shielding you from the rain, but also the harsh Australian sun.

Bossco weathershields are made to with stand the strong UV rays of the Australian sun and are bonded to your car with top quality 3M tape so you're assured they will never fall off. Bossco weathershields use the best injection-moulded acrylics on the market with hidden injection risers to ensure a smooth, shiny and ripple-free surface which provides perfect clarity and zero distortion.

Make your car look instantaneously better, protect yourself from the weather with one of our own tried, tested and tinted Weathershields. Buy some of our weathershields right here!

Bosscoauto has good quality weathershields

Perfect     one-piece injection mould

Crystal clear vision with no defects

Bosscoauto has good quality weathershields Bosscoauto has good quality weathershields Bosscoauto has good quality weathershields
Can undergo large amount of stress without breaking
High quality PC acrylics don't fade over time like cheaper alternatives
PC maintain their structure even when undertaking extended and unnatural forces


Top quality Bossco weathershields are made of Polycarbonates (PC) whereas less durable weathershields use Poly(methyl methacrylate)- more commonly known as PMMA, a cheaper alternative which is commonly used in basic plastic toys and competitor’s weathershields. On the other hand. PC plastic has seen use in Laboratory safety glasses and even Fighter Jet cockpits and is well-known for its bullet-resistant qualities. Polycarbonates can undergo large amounts of stress and still stay uniform in shape without damage in its lattice. Its projectile resistance can be handy when rocks fly into your window which may otherwise chip poorer quality weathershields.

The fine differences between cheap and good quality weathershields are revealed over time, and ours are made to last.

While at first glance, PC and PMMA weathershields may look the same; over time, the differences of quality between PC and PMMA will become more prominent. Over time PMMA weathershields will become blurry and hard to see through as the UV rays of the sun destroy the smooth finish on the acrylic turning the weathershields opaque. BOSSCOAUTO's PC materials will perform differently: the rigid bonds of the polymer are not so easily broken even under the harsher conditions of the Aussie sun- giving them the ability to maintain aesthetic value and functionality over a much longer period of time. This longevity, quality and durability cannot be found in the same price range.





( Also known as acrylic glass and used in less durable weathershields )


(Known for bullet-resistant qualities and used in Bossco Weathershields)


Will fracture and snap with flexing


Can undergo large deformations without snapping and without showing micro-fractures




UV resistance


Will deteriorate in the heat and UV rays of the sun causing the weathershields to become brittle and discolour- turning opaque within a year



Can withstand high temperatures and prolonged exposure to UV and will take over 5 years to begin discolouring


Impact resistance

Brittle when subject to large loads or impact forces


Highly impact resistant (used in the composition of bullet-resistant materials)


Scratch resistance


Prone to scratching



Coated with a scratch-resistant layer


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