Safety Certification (ADR)


When you buy our bars, rest assured you are in good hands. Our bars are ADR and ASE approved. On this page you will learn what they mean and why they make our bars a worthwhile and safe investment for you. Your safety is our number one priority.


The Australian Design Rules are a national standard for vehicle safety and emissions. They cover rules for tests such as occupant protection. These are legal rules that vehicular products must legally comply with. Bosscoauto's bars have been tested under Australia's standard design rules to make sure that they are legal and safe to use on roads.
The nudge/bullbars have gone through the Frontal Impact Occupant Test (ADR69) impact tests and the sidebars have been tested under the Side Impact Test (ADR72). Both products successfully passed the tests by having a crumpling rate lower than the legal standard, so that they don't hinder the airbag systems within the car.



What does this mean for you?

This means that the bars you purchase from us have complied with legal standards, and in the unfortunate case of an accident, they will protect the occupants of the car and will not hinder the protective capabilities of the car.




Australian Safety Engineering is an award-winning company that provides comprehensive crash testing on vehicles and vehicular products. Their test facilities meet and exceed legal expectations so we know that their test results are accurate and reliable, for the safety of everyone who buys Bosscoauto. All tests are performed under the supervision of a certified Engineer, who compiles a report with specific details on the impact test.


The procedure

Our products are placed in a rig system by ASE and are then impacted upon by a large pendulum. An accelerometer and charge amplifier records information about the impact. The data is then analysed to find the weak-points of the bar, the maximum stress it can take, and in cases of the tow-bar, how much it can tow and also the maximum vertical force that can be applied on the tow hitch. We procure this to make sure that the product we sell not only meets legal expectations, but also exceeds them so we know the product we sell is of exceptional quality. 

On top of this, for nudge bars and bull-bars, we also perform tests to make sure that they are air-bag compliant. Tests are made to compare the deceleration rates to the airbag triggering algorithm in a vehicle to make sure that the sensing system will still trigger in the case of an accident.

A full frontal impact test being performed on a bull-bar. Once the pendulum is released it will hit the bull-bar, this information is analysed to make sure the product is safe and meets our standard.

Here, a test is being performed to check the maximum pulling capacity of the tow hitch. These details will then be recorded, and if we deem them unsatisfactory, we will improve them till they meet our standards.