N70 Hilux Canopy

There is no doubt that the Toyota Hilux N70 is a remarkable vehicle for travelling around the Australian environment. And if you work in remote locations, it’s perfect for carrying your materials. But, with an open back, your cargo is exposed to damage from the harsh weather - not to mention making it much easier for thieves to access.

But with a Hilux N70 canopy installed, you can protect your items - and your livelihood. Choosing an N70 Hilux canopy made from high-quality materials and with an intuitive design can make your life so much better. With an aluminium frame, you’ll get durability and strength. Proper weatherproofing procedures ensure there are no leaking seals that can cause irreversible damage. And knowing your canopy has been designed and approved by professionals gives you confidence that your canopy will perform at its best for a long time to come.

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The Toyota Hilux N70 Canopy You’ve Been Looking For

At Bossco Auto (leading vehicle accessories supplier), we keep these weight and balance considerations in mind at all times. The Toyota Hilux N70 canopy is a heavy-duty frame constructed from an aluminium alloy that reduces overall bulk. Heavier vehicles are at more risk of getting bogged down - or running into trouble with Vehicle GVM limits. So, we know just how important it is to keep your vehicle within a certain weight limit.

What Features Should You Look for In a Hilux N70 Canopy?

One of the most important features is the construction materials. This will be essential for ensuring your vehicle doesn’t become overburdened by excess weight. A high-quality frame will also maintain balance in your truck while driving - an important consideration especially if you regularly drive over uneven terrain.

The weatherproofing methods and care taken during the installation process will keep your canopy in great working condition for much longer. Our N70 Hilux Canopy comes with 3 pre-installed rubber seals, as well as using EVA foam and RTV gaskets. If you’re carrying a load of materials in the back - you want to make sure they’re protected! Having a professional installer build your canopy kit is recommended, as any errors during this process might lead to leaks and damage that could cost you time, money, and hassle.

Let’s face it, damage can happen. Careless errors while unloading are unfortunate but common enough. Being able to replace parts - without replacing the whole structure - is a must, if you expect to use your canopy frequently. Bossco Auto canopies are modular units, meaning that if there’s a bit of damage in one area - it’s incredibly easy to simply replace that part. 

What Features of The N70 Hilux Canopy Are Nice To Have?

Customisation. Adding a side kitchen with a pull-down table, adding shelving, or adding a roof rack for even more storage space. These optional additions allow you to build the canopy that will make your life easier.

Bossco Auto’s Hilux N70 canopy lets you do all that and more! You will also benefit from Hilux sports bar, LED light bars, a dual-locking system, and spare keys (just in case).

Despite focusing more on function, and less on looks, the Hilux canopy gives your truck professional vibes with a Powder coated matte black finish. It goes with every vehicle colour and if you want further customisation, you can get the doors or the frame (or both) powder coated/painted to match your vehicle's body colour

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